I provide online and in-person services.

Individual Counseling or Consultation 

To schedule an initial session, use the contact form.  Or phone (540-810-3841) or email me (

Established clients may use the online scheduler to book an appointment:

Small Groups 

Watch for information on eco-anxiety and action groups.

Intro to Tapping: one hour online

Struggling with stress, grief, loss, uncertainty, anxiety? Join me in a one-hour online class (offered most months) to learn a process that can make a difference.

Introduction to Tapping (Intro to Tapping) teaches basic tapping skills and practice for releasing stress and trauma from your mind, body, and spirit. When practiced regularly, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as "Tapping" is an accessible, evidence-based strategy that helps reduce the negative impact of current and historic emotional pain so you are calmer, more centered, and think more clearly. At Intro to Tapping you will be invited to actively participate or simply watch, listen, and learn.

The next class is in April at 10:00 AM Eastern (9:00 AM Central). This class is offered through the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute. Register here.  

Finding meaning, purpose, and courage in extraordinary times: in person

This is a space for questions, authenticity, and deep listening. What is the meaning, purpose, and significance of your lives---and Life---in this time of worldwide change? How do we deal with anxiety and find courage beyond our fears?  How are you being called to step up in new ways? What stories or beliefs do you carry that stand in your way? Together we’ll practice going beyond the mind to listening to your heart and soul. What is life is asking of you? Who are we called to be?

The initial commitment is six 90-minute sessions held every other week. Dates to be announced when gathering in groups is safer. Contact me at to let me know of your interest.

Group size: 6

Prerequisite: Participation in the practices group (above) or equivalent skills level.

$240. An insurance invoice coded for Group Psychotherapy will be provided.

A confidential questionnaire is part of the registration.

Need a customized group?

Contact me to arrange small group sessions for helpers--- and any others--- facing extraordinary stress (e.g. teachers, clergy, therapists, leaders, medical personnel, essential workers, parents.)  Friend or family groups are welcome, too. Find support and renew your energy in a space where you can "first put on your own oxygen mask" so you can be of service to others.

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