Life has been upended. How are you doing?

It is a relief to travel and gather with friends and family again. Yet you may remain shaken by the reverberations of the pandemic, polarizing tensions, eco-anxiety, and the brutality of the war in Ukraine, Gaza, and Israel.

We are living through a time of collective traumas---and great possibility. What does the future hold?

Many tell me they are deeply tired. Are carrying grief. Feel uncertain. Are grateful for the positive changes. Feel relief. But realize "normal" is gone.

How are you doing?

Trauma-trained therapists like me are fond of reassuring people that these are all normal responses to abnormal events.

And they are. But there is also something rising amid this turmoil inviting us beyond trauma and into a new way of being. Many of you have sensed this.

What is life asking of you? Of us?

Likely at some point in life, you have asked, “What is my purpose? What is my calling?”

I believe the upending we are experiencing brings to the fore another question: What is life asking---even demanding---of me?  Of us? In spite of uncertainty and fear.

How are you called to grow and step up?

What is the meaning and significance of life?

How can you best act and serve in ways that contribute to healing and the greater good for you, your family unit, your community, and the world?

Perhaps you are already clear on your vision but could use encouragement or refinement of next steps.

Perhaps you need help getting clarity. Or navigating fears that hold you back. 

Wherever you find yourself I invite you to consider the individual or group online sessions that help sustain you in this ultramarathon and honor what life is asking of you.

Join me. There are options for every budget.

Learn and practice evidence-based ways to face the reality of what is, calm your overwhelmed nervous system, and center so you can listen deeply to what life is asking of you.

Carolyn Yoder

Licensed Profesional Counselor

National Certifed Counselor


Individual options:

Why individual sessions?

Individual counseling sessions help you step into the fullness of who you are so you can be of service in a world that needs your gifts and leadership.

Individual sessions are a place to identify yesterday's stories that hold you back and drain your energy.

They're a place listen and to set priorities from the centered calm of your heart, soul, and mind rather than merely reacting to the turmoil around you.

I companion, witness, and listen deeply while providing psychological skills support for this spiritual work of unearthing and uncovering the true you---that is already there.

I am certified in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing), and in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping). I also have training in (IFS)Internal Family Systems.  Contact me to schedule.

Individual consultation sessions focus on the big picture of a situation and help formulate a plan of action.  Contact me to schedule.


Small Groups


Small group options:

Why groups?

For many years, I've worked with people living with the effects of conflict, war, and economic hardship.

When I ask them how they endure and even thrive, the most common responses have to do with community and knowing they aren't alone.

They talk about the sustaining role of faith (in God, the universe, justice, their values).

They tell me about the energy and courage that comes from recognizing they are participating in something greater than themselves as they work for a better world, often despite fear.

But most of all, they talk about the importance of supportive relationships.

We are neurologically wired to be stronger together. We especially need the shelter of each other as we navigate turbulent times.

Groups provide this. And an added bonus? They won’t break your budget!  Reserve your place now.

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